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Filter Pure Mesh offers the unique service of re-clothing Screens. This is done in-house with the latest stretching equipment, and the finest Mesh available. You are assured that your screens are tensioned in accordance with Milling specifications; thereby ensuring maximum life from your Screens and increased through-put.

We offer professional workmanship combined with stringent quality control procedures. All orders are completed with a QC Certificate for work done. Naturally all Frames are fitted with Cleaners of your choosing. Filter Pure Mesh offers this convenient service in the fastest time possible.



Sefar Tensocheck 100-R
Fabric tension measurement on Sieve Frames

  • Electronically operated

  • Digital display

  • Precise measurement

  • Display range from 3 to 50 N/cm

  • Display N/cm or mm

  • Automatic shut-off  

  • Zero set adjustment


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