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The Team
Shawn Kallmann
Business Manager
Fanie Masango
Production Manager
Administrative Team
Natalie Kallmann
Managing Member
Thembie Ngwenya
Personal Assistant
Smirna Smit
Dave Haynes
Technical Sales Representative
Lilly Mabuya

About Filter Pure Mesh

Filter Pure Mesh is a South African owned company, in the business of providing consultation services and specialized custom-designed Screening & Filtration Products. 

In 2009, we purchased a Milling Supply Company that had been operational for ten years promoting SEFAR products, and so began Filter Pure Mesh.

We operate as an independent stand-alone business at our mother company, namely, FILTER PURE; who have been manufacturing & supplying SEFAR Filtration products for the past 20 (twenty) years into the Mining and Refining Industries.

Filter Pure Mesh purchases Milling Mesh and Accessories through the world renowned Company SEFAR AG.  We pride ourselves on our Screening & Filtration knowledge, expertise, quality products, customer service and competitive pricing.

Our aim is to provide good quality parts & consumables to the Milling and Food Industries, at the most competitive prices available. 

The products supplied are developed and manufactured to the highest standards, in order to ensure that you, the Customer get the results that you expect.

We are continuously improving and seeking new ways to better our products and services to the market.

Our Production Department is equipped with an Integrated Production Manufacturing Program.  Quality Control Procedures are adhered to, this enables us to manufacture goods economically to specific requirements.

Our well trained Production Team, together with stringent Quality Control Procedures ensure that our products comply with international standards.

Our Vision

  • We are dedicated to serving our Customers through innovative technology and commitment.

  • We shall provide products and services of the HIGHEST quality and value, with a direct focus on meeting the needs of our Customers.

  • We shall continually promote teamwork, quality improvement and excellence in all phases of business.

  • Through leadership, vision and innovation, we shall capture “new” markets, and meet the challenges of the future.

  • Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide our Customers with the best products for their needs.  Profits are required to survive and grow the business.


Production Team

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